Sonus is an installation dedicated to the city of Florence that allows us to get to know it and experiment it through sound and visual perception, investigating the poetics of crafts, architectural spaces, streets and people who preserve the historical heritage still alive. Crossing Sonus means listening to the solitary sounds, the composed ones, the almost imperceptible ones and the musical ones but also the silences that have always lived in history and are intertwined with our present. Each viewer will be able to create his own emotional cartography by retracing the past of Florence and fully experiencing his/her present through the act of listening.

A preview of Sonus was presented at the 2019 International Exhibitions of Art&Crafts 2019.


TITLE: Sonus Firenze
GENRE: Multimedia Installation
LOCATION: Firenze, Carrara
PRODUCER: SenseMedia
ARTISTS: Palu Abadia, Diana Restrepo, David Medina, Sandra Miranda Pattin